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Philip Webb

About The Author

Philip Webb started his career in 1983, working for IBM UK as a technical engineer. Progressing to their international support desk within 4 years. Responsible for the Europe, Middle East Africa area, for around 5 key product sets.
In 1990, left IBM and started his first business, dealing with sales and maintenance of hardware, networks, and software licenses. This business grew from start up to over £6.7m turnover within 4 years, employing over 50 staff members, and was sold in 1996…

Philip Webb

About The Book


As technology outpaces people’s ability to adapt, the world has become a complex and hostile place for many. Those who have significant wealth versus those who are just “ordinary people”. In the UK alone, we see a widening gap between those who are comfortable, and those who are just about managing. With the global events, or war, fuel and utility prices, supply chains fracturing, shortages of products, an ever-increasing tax burden on normal folk, there is a pent-up frustration that is about to boil over.
Last seen in the poll tax riots, inner city violence outbreaks, and the national strikes of the 1980’s, welcome to 2023.
People are now almost totally dependent on technology, and have dwindling knowledge of the land and ways to live, grow food, plan for shortages, store food etc.

The Challenges of a Complex and Hostile World:

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the constant news about wars, fuel, inflation, chain disruption and a wide wealth gap between the rich and common people? If so, you’re not alone. The world has indeed become a complex and hostile place for many people, where the common man is struggling with many challenges. The challenges we are facing are multifaceted and interconnected, from economic instability to political polarization, from climate change to the ongoing pandemic.

Philip Webb, in his survival guidebook, ‘The Inevitable Calamity,’ dives deep into the factors that contribute to the risks and provides readers with invaluable insights into how we can become well-informed and prepared for uncertainty. It’s one of the best survival guidebooks that sheds light on the importance of understanding the challenges we face and developing a plan for resilience. We can navigate this uncertain terrain with greater confidence and ease.

The Importance of Preparedness in Times of Uncertainty

Imagine yourself witnessing the end of the world; what would you do? How would you navigate the challenges you might face if the world were to experience a social, political or economic breakdown? There is only one rule of survival – Be prepared. Preparedness means taking the time to evaluate potential risks and identifying the resources and skills needed to survive. With well-researched strategies and an awareness of potential risks, one can increase their chances of surviving and thriving in uncertain times.

If you are looking for the best nonfiction books about survival, Philip Webb’s book is a great resource for you. In his ultimate survival guide, ‘The Inevitable Calamity,’ he provides valuable advice on how we can build resilience and adaptability so that we’re better equipped to handle unexpected challenges. One of the survival guide tips given by the author is to remain calm and focused. It emphasizes the need for physical preparedness, encouraging readers to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and build up their physical strength and endurance.

This thought-provoking and informative book encourages readers to engage with discussion points and develop plans for potential scenarios.


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Philip Webb
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From Finance to Mental Health: Addressing Fundamental Problems

In today’s fast-paced world, there are many fundamental problems that impact individuals in many ways. From financial stressors like high taxes, inflation, and job insecurity, to mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, and trauma. Addressing these issues requires a multifaceted approach that takes into account the complex interplay between economic, social, and psychological factors.

‘The Inevitable Calamity’ by Philip Webb is one of the best disaster survival books that sheds light on many important issues like mental and physical preparedness and many more. Philip Webb’s thorough research makes this nonfiction book about survival unique from other books. It is not just a book but a comprehensive guide to help you take control and protect yourself and your loved ones. With a focus on key topics such as finance, food, water, security, and mental health, this guide provides valuable insights and practical strategies for weathering any storm.


Reliance on Technology:

With the rise in technology, humans have become so used to technology that one can never imagine how to function without it. According to Philip Webb, it is one of the major causes of concern in a world where technology is not infallible and is subject to breakdowns.

In the apocalypse survival guide, ‘The Inevitable Calamity’, the author explores humans’ reliance on technology and the internet as one of the key issues. There is no doubt about how these innovations have brought a positive change into our life, but we have become over-dependent on technology. From social media addiction to cyber threats, our reliance on technology has left us vulnerable to a range of dangers. The book highlights the need for us to take a step back and reassess our relationship with technology to ensure we’re not putting ourselves at risk.

Phillip Webb asks thought-provoking questions like, are we on the brink of a catastrophic event that could lead to the breakdown of society? With our growing dependence on technology and the increasing vulnerability of our societal systems, many experts believe this outcome is not only possible but likely. But when will it happen? What steps can we take to prepare ourselves and our communities for its potential impact?


Creating a Plan for Self-Sufficiency and Control:

The real question is how to survive a disaster. Philip Webb, in his comprehensive guide, ‘The Inevitable Calamity,’ highlights the basic needs of survival. The author provides the readers with the practical issues to the most important issues like finance, food, water, security, and communication, as well as the often-overlooked topic of mental health. With this book, readers can become well-informed about the problems and prepare themselves and their loved ones for the uncertainties in life.

Philip Webb advises the readers to follow the orders of the chapters as presented. Take enough time to read and review the questions and discussion points provided at the end of each chapter. This book can help you expand the horizons of your thinking and explore different perspectives on the topics covered by engaging with the questions and discussion points. It’s important to take the time to reflect on each chapter and consider how the information provided can be applied in your life.


This book is for anyone who wants to become more self-reliant and better equipped to handle the challenges of our changing world. While it does address the potential for a catastrophic event, its insights and strategies are applicable to anyone seeking greater awareness and control over their lives.

By reading one of the best survival guidebooks, ‘The Inevitable Calamity’ by Philip Webb, you will gain valuable insights and practical strategies for becoming more self-sufficient and prepared for any potential crisis or societal breakdown.

No, this ultimate survival guide is not only for those who fear a catastrophic event. While it does address the potential for such an event, its insights and strategies are relevant to anyone seeking greater self-reliance and awareness in a complex and rapidly changing world.

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